Welcome to INSPIRE – the Interdisciplinary Southampton Partnership for Investigators Researching the Environment.

On 10th Oct 2018 NERC announced INSPIRE as one of the successful bids for the next round of its Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs). INSPIRE will receive funds for 16 studentships per year over each of the next five years, an increase from the 15 per year awarded to SPITFIRE (its predecessor).

INSPIRE is equipping environmental scientists to excel in their chosen field, to thrive in interdisciplinary research teams, to apply cutting edge technology to environmental research, and to act as ambassadors of global environmental issues to industry and society.

We are training students in research, professional and transferable skills within world-leading research teams to enable them to develop as future leaders. The main scientific themes of INSPIRE are:

  1. Oceans and climate
  2. The dynamic Earth
  3. Interaction of organisms with the global environment.

Projects for the fifth round of INSPIRE recruitment (September 2023 start) will be uploaded in October on the PhD Projects tab.



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